Redundant Architects Recreation Association


Clapton’s architect collective has quietly been installing its work all across London, creating employment for the local artists and makers who were disproportionately hit by the recent economic downturn. Redundant Architects Recreation Association Co-founder Joe Swift tells us how the collective got to where it is today The number of artists and makers looking to join … [Read more...]

Double Negative Dark Room


A photo studio in Clapton is dreaming of taking on the UK academic system. As Double Negative Dark Room celebrates its five year anniversary, we speak to founder Sebastian Sussmann about what the future holds for his business Like most business owners, Sebastian Sussmann’s inspiration for what is now a growing photo enterprise, the Double Negative Dark Room (DNDR), stems from … [Read more...]

An interview with a Clapton chocolatier


Photos by Martina Tomasello. Wily Badger blogger Emma Trotter talks to Phil Landers about his late night chocolate crafting habit I heard you made the chocolates for musician Lucy Rose’s wedding? Lucy is a good friend of mine. I’d started making quite a few batches of chocolate, so she asked me if I’d like to do the wedding favours, which meant making 94 bars of … [Read more...]

Locally grown: interview with Clapton florist, Penelope Mercer


Wily Badger blogger Emma Trotter speaks to local florist Penelope Mercer, on moving her business to Clapton, the merits of locally grown flowers, and some of her more unexpected clients   Tell us how you got into floristry. My mum is a florist back in Australia, which is where I'm from, so it was something I grew up with. If I was naughty as a child, instead of being … [Read more...]

Round table discussion: Clapton Craft, Wild & Woolly and LBJ


Wily Badger sits down with Clapton Craft, Wild & Woolly and London Borough of Jam to ask why they decided to set up shop in Clapton         Why did you decide to open in Clapton? Lillie O’Brien (LB): I’ve lived in Clapton for the past six years, and for two of those I had a stall at Chatsworth Road market. I never planned to … [Read more...]